Virtual Barista

PreciTaste has developed a comprehensive solution for boosting cafe speed-of-service and crew efficiency


The PreciTaste Virtual Barista is a hardware and software solution for managing your cafe staff more efficiently to minimize wait time and drive sales. Using computer vision, the AI-powered Virtual Barista is able to determine the number of customers waiting to order and accurately determines how much food and drink ingredients should be prepared proactively to keep wait times short. Intelligent batching instructs your baristas to prepare ingredients for multiple beverages at once instead of, for example, foaming three individual cups of milk for three different milk-based drinks. Computer vision sensors monitor your premade food items, tracking how long they’ve been on the shelf and when it’s time to restock, maintaining freshness and quality. All these instructions are relayed to the crew through small screens near the beverage equipment and order counter. The end result is a crew that is able to rapidly serve all of your mobile and in-store customers with the right food and beverage every time.

Crew Interaction Management

It can be difficult to remember how to make every kind of drink offered at your store, and there can be a steep learning curve for new hires. Crew Management screens show which drinks currently need to be prepared and how they are made. Now, your entire crew knows how to make every drink.

Blending and foaming different drink ingredients wastes precious time in a busy coffee shop. The Virtual Barista employs intelligent batching to cut down on customer wait time. All shared ingredients for drink items ordered within a short window of time will be grouped together. The Crew Management screens instruct the baristas to prepare these ingredients in one batch and show how much is required for each drink. The screens display all relevant information like customer name, order number, and order time to ensure no drinks are mixed up with other orders.

When a barista begins preparing a drink for a mobile order, that barista’s attention is directed away from in-store customers, slowing service and frustrating patrons. The Virtual Barista can batch in-store and mobile drink orders together, so that crew members are able to prepare beverages for in-store and mobile customers at the same time. Following the instructions on the Crew Management screens ensures that the drinks are made perfectly every time and assigned to the right orders.

Customer Demand Measuring

Using existing security cameras or provided PreciTaste sensors, the Virtual Barista is able to measure the amount of demand inside and outside your store, allowing you to prepare ahead of a large rush. Through the Crew Management screens, the Virtual Barista coordinates your staff to take positions around the bar to handle a spike in demand as efficiently as possible.

Using past POS data, live weather and traffic information,  and more, the Virtual Barista is able to predict when baristas should preemptively begin foaming milk or blending ice before a customer even reaches the counter. This saves time and energy during long, busy periods.

The Virtual Barista analyzes daily demand information to form reports on the performance of a single location or an entire region of stores. The effectiveness of new marketing campaigns and promotional items can be assessed with granular clarity.

Live Inventory Tracking

PreciTaste sensors over the coffee bar and pointed at the prepared food kiosk tracks inventory and alerts your staff when stock gets low. The Virtual Barista tracks drip coffee levels and alerts the crew when they should begin brewing a replacement pot. For locations that sell premade food items, the system tracks them as they are removed from the kiosk area and alerts staff to low stock. 

The system tracks customer purchase behavior for certain food items and assembles all the relevant data into a report to help optimize the food items stocked in your store. Virtual Barista generates inventory reports automatically, eliminating the need for handwritten reports.


The Virtual Barista makes juggling mobile and in-store orders a piece of cake. Any crew member becomes a pro once they start following onscreen instructions, and live inventory and demand tracking ensure your customers get the freshest food and drink with minimal wait. The power of AI can do more than you think. Give PreciTaste a call to see what we can do for your coffee shop.

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