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Today, the largest chain restaurants use our digital management platform to run their operations better while zeroing in on food waste. We do an integral part so that food arrives fresh as it is supposed to.

About Us

At PreciTaste, we are on a mission to help the QSR industry to maximise operational efficiency and reduce food wastage to benefit the environment. We are building the technology to augment and complement the business capabilities to achieve the desired results with predictions, smart virtual assistance, advanced IoT, tracking sensors and a lot more.

PreciTaste - Our Story

PreciTaste ventured out to transform the food service industry with Artificial Intelligence and is growing fast. Our products not only provide insights, but also actively manage tasks in the kitchen or store. By using PreciTaste solutions, teams work together more efficiently, serving the freshest food to the customer, while also saving food waste.

PreciTaste began as PreciBake

In 2013, PreciBake has won its first award for automating baking processes in commercial ovens using AI – Today, PreciTaste has grown this technology to a adaptable set of AI Agents that can identify, track and assess processes and products in every food operation. Together with the powerful IoT and guidance platform TasteOS, that can connect or integrate into most restaurant environments, our AI Agents based on our proprietary offline first AIOS technology have proven to make crews and processes more efficient around the globe.

We cater chain stores such as QSR restaurants, grocery stores and equipment manufacturers with our solutions and partner with the best in the market to bring success to our customers seamlessly. Our platform is driving changes in the global food service markets – using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

Where to find

Our team across the world helps businesses to solve their most complex processes with AI and machine learning.

Global headquarter in New York City, NY, USA

Our engineering hub in Munich, Germany, located near the city center and universities.

Our IoT experts are located in one of the most vibrant tech hubs in Navi-Mumbai, India

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PreciTaste Inc.

PreciTaste Europe

PreciTaste Asia

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