“My new employees are now my best employees because they just follow the screen”

Operations Director of Top 5 QSR client

AI Restaurant Brain is an autonomous kitchen management system that enables your staff to serve fresh food to your customers faster. Bump-off touchscreens with easy-to-follow instructions give new employees the tools to produce efficiently with less training.

Boost Speed of Service with Predictive Cooking

AI Restaurant Brain (AIRB) sees approaching customers so that your crew can prepare food before they order. AIRB speeds up your service by:

  • Assessing live demand inside the store and in the drive-thru through computer vision
  • Predicting the right amount of food to cook right now
  • Having hot food ready before the customer orders

A major QSR customer saw peak hour service times become 44 seconds faster with the implementation of AIRB.

Reduce New Hire Training Time

AIRB determines how much food to cook and when, and communicates instructions to staff through touchscreens in the kitchen. All your staff has to do is follow the instructions on the screen:

  • “Cook a medium basket of fries”
  • “Place four patties on the grill”
  • “Make one burger with NO onions” 

The crew member touches the icon when they finish the task to clear it (bump-off) and the next task is shown.

Our QSR customers have noticed that training time for new hires has been reduced by 51% and new employees trained on the screens outperform veteran employees.

Increase Crew Productivity

AIRB consolidates kitchen tasks so that your crew accomplishes more. For example, over the course of a month, AIRB doubled the average batch size for protein items, freeing crew to spend more time building orders and helping customers.

Managers have saved an average of 25 employee-hours per day with the full system. Tasks of deciding what to cook, when to cook it, and how much are automated and optimized. The module is compatible with all POS and software platforms.