Instant Health Checks for Employees and Guests

Track Fever, Face Masks, and Hand Cleaning with PreciTaste’s AI Welcome Center

  • SmartKDS_1-01 Computer Vision checks employees for fever, face masks, and hand sanitizer for safe kitchen environment.
  • SmartKDS-2-01 Improve the safety of your restaurant for confident customers and better work conditions for staff.

Building Consumer Confidence and Staff Wellbeing

Mark your Restaurant Safe

American consumers want to enjoy their food in a safe space. Add the AI Health Center check mark so customers know your restaurant is thoroughly clean and safe.

Build Employee Confidence

Individual safety in the workplace is a critical concern that can only be met by immunity of the whole crew.

    Remote Monitoring

    Limit your exposure by managing multiple locations from your computer, tablet, or phone.

    Entrance Check: Temperature, Mask, Sanitizer

    Each employee undergoes basic screening before entering the kitchen, to minimize the possibility of unwanted germs.

      Food Safety at Workstations

      Tailored vision sensors watch for food safety issues specific to your operation, like glove usage, cross-contamination, or improper storage of perishable items

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