Aila the AI Line Agent is an autonomous inspection and production reporting solution for food manufacturers that dynamically supports your line operations. With it, you will catch process deviations before they happen, bring connectivity to legacy equipment, and unlock new insights into product quality and production line performance.

AI-Powered Computer Vision

Artificial Intelligence is the ideal technology for food production as it can easily interpret the subtle differences between food products. This technology is especially critical in industries where there is high variability between good products, such as the industrial baking sector.

  • Sensors are retrofittable to any piece of equipment
  • AI vision learns and detects any product parameter discernible to the human eye, such as browning, doneness, shape, or fill level 
    • Non-visual sensing add-ons are also available
  • Feedback is provided to operators or automated line equipment to continuously improve line performance and quality metrics

A single server does all computing at the edge of your facility’s network:

  • No external cloud connection required
  • Service never stops, even in the event of a total network outage
  • You maintain ownership of your data

Closing the Feedback Loop

A touchscreen user interface provides feedback to your crew, with line-specific action recommendations enabled by machine learning. Operators see a detailed, dynamic summary of performance metrics and production issue alerts. AI Line Agent detects product quality deviations and triggers a response from your operators or maintenance staff. Adjustments are made proactively before there’s a major breakdown, slashing production downtime.

The system itself is easily retrofittable to any production line segment. The appropriate off-the-shelf sensor is selected based on the specific needs of the application. Once installed, Aila can be trained to learn any number of skills without the need for additional hardware.

Reporting and Analytics

Accurately calculating OEE and other production metrics typically requires additional programs and sensors completely separate from a machine vision inspection system. AI Line Agent provides reporting and analytics to operators and management regarding OEE, productivity, quality, and other important manufacturing KPIs out of the box.