As America continues to adapt to the changing post-Covid landscape, individual state governments are left with the task of drafting their own response. For large brands with locations across the U.S., this makes for a huge headache: how can one national brand meet the unique local requirements of every state?

That’s where AIWE comes in. AIWE (AI Welcome Center) is an automated health screening device that comes preconfigured to meet the requirements of whatever state, city, or county it’s deployed in. This includes temperature screening, mask detection, and vocal health screening questions conducted via voice recognition (learn more).

AIWE conducts anonymous temperature screening for restaurant guests.

The CDC already recommends restaurants to conduct daily health screenings and provide cloth face coverings to employees. Some states, such as New York, require the use of face masks and regular health screenings conducted by employers. Many states are considering enacting similar measures. AIWE conducts these screenings automatically and logs each employees’ responses, saving employers from having to draft new office protocol and keep track of employee screening records. The team behind AIWE continuously monitors local and national guidelines to ensure our screenings remain up-to-date and in compliance.

AIWE’s Health Screening Module configured for New York.

AIWE is one part of the larger QSR Brain AI environment, which includes the revolutionary Order Accuracy and Predictive Analytics AI modules. Installing an AIWE kiosk is an affordable investment and first step towards bringing your brand into the future with AI-driven analysis. This kiosk will continue to deliver value even when health screenings are no longer necessary: automatic check-in for takeout and online orders, automatic employee punch-in, and more are all available add-on features. Click here to get in touch with our team and learn more.