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Fast Food QSR


Faster speed of service at QSRs directly drives higher sales. Turbocharge your Franchise with Predictive Cooking.

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PreciTaste Raises $24M to Improve Restaurants Operationally With Computer Vision and AI

The next wave of technology companies is focused on improving the restaurant industry operationally. PreciTaste is an AI vision platform that’s focused on optimizing the food service in quick-service restaurants and fast-casual restaurants. The company improves the customer experience by increasing the efficiency of restaurants all while cutting down on waste.

PreciTaste lands cash for tech that checks restaurant orders for accuracy

“For a QSR operator, PreciTaste is an established platform for precise, demand-based cooking. It maximizes efficiency, enhances quality and reduces food waste through its proprietary ‘always-on’ kitchen management system. The technology is proven to reduce overhead costs and food waste by instructing crews to only cook as much as they need and is highly scalable.”