The Challenge

Workers every day are faced with the challenge every moment of the day: how much do I prepare right now? This question requires a lot of cognitive work from the crew: tracking the fill level of 20+ pans of food, and calling for more at the right moment. While this task could be cumbersome for a person, it is very simple for a computer.

A person also has very limited information to make a decision about what to cook. It’s nearly impossible for a person to know with any precision how much of each type of food will be sold in the next few minutes, but a computer can manage much more information to create a precise forecast.

The Solution

Sandwich operations can offload this constant task of inventory management to the PreciTaste What to Prep When module. The system’s sensors monitor each pan of food using 3D sensing and calculate the best possible time to refill based on current demand and your level of staffing.

Sandwich operations that adopt this solution are able to:

  • Reallocate labor to customer-facing tasks
  • Improve product freshness and perceived quality
  • Approach 100% availability for all ingredients
  • Reduce food waste

With the PreciTaste 3D sensing, the computer is simply updating numbers in a database and making calculations to reach the best decisions. These decisions are then passed to crew members in an intuitive and readable format on our touch screen UIs.

The system’s sensing also picks up a large volume of data about the operation of your restaurants and presents this to management in a central reporting and control dashboard. This dashboard enables granular understanding of:

  • What was cooked when?
  • What was the availability of each ingredient?
  • Were food items overheld by crew members?

With What to Cook When managing your sandwich operation is easier than ever.

Also, see Virtual Baker. For sandwich operations that bake their own bread, the Virtual Baker automates this process to save labor, improve bread quality, and generate excellent data about what bread is available throughout the day.