Each individual restaurants POS stream is a goldmine in regards to improving the customer experience ultimately driving sales. The key is that not the broad stroke one-campaign-fits-all approach wins over the customer, but the optimization of each single point-of-sale through the analysis of big data.

The PreciTaste Restaurant Brain is a software managing the entire restaurant. It is integrated into the POS system as well to use artificial intelligence technology to predict what customers will order before they place their order. Those predictions are send to the crew and are already being cooked while the customer orders to guarantee the freshest food served with the least amount of waiting time. This process works in the Drive Thru as well as within the restaurant.
The Restaurant Brain is also used to optimize and personalize digital Menu boards and assess the impact of marketing campaigns optimizing each single restaurant based on improvements learned at other locations. Artificial intelligence turns each problem it is presented with into a mathematical one and tries variations of improvements to maximize the desired KPIs.
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