Reduce Food Waste Through Innovation

As foodservices are the largest contributors of food waste, improved prediction and real-time kitchen management prevents overproduction of foods at the high-impact, final stage of the supply chain. We are dedicated to food waste reduction through our line of sustainable restaurant solutions.

In the News

Nation’s Restaurant News highlights how “restaurants primarily partner with companies like PreciTaste to have a steady source of fresh ingredients, while ditching unnecessary inventory; being able to rid their small corner of the planet of excess food waste is a welcome side effect.”

Proud member of the ReFED Food Waste Action Network (FWAN), which provides 800+ members a space designed to inspire collaboration between individuals and organizations from across the food system and from a diverse set of backgrounds.

Environmental Benefit for a Global Market

Food production is a global challenge that must be addressed around the world. By eliminating food waste in profitable ways, PreciTaste technology is poised to expand from the North American and European markets to address global challenges in the supply chain.

Our AI difference


Our key experience in the baking and food industry has given us the exposure towards understanding food and industry in detail. Since our inception, reducing food waste has always been one of our prime missions.


We built technology by applying in-depth research and analysis. Our most advanced form of predictive technology helps the QSRs and baking industry to manage food demand and witness a significant reduction in food wastage, carbon emissions along with cost savings.


We work with the partners who are environmentally and socially responsible. Together, we actively participate in reducing the impact on the environment with the execution of initiatives such as waste management, carbon footprint reduction, and also encourage other environmental initiatives in the community.

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