Tracking Production 24/7

Amplify your plant’s efficiency with practical insights from AILA

  • SmartKDS-2-01 AILA gives you the critical data you need to make real, permanent improvements to your plant’s bottom line.
  • AILA_1 Upgrade any process with retrofittable AI sensors that interface with your existing reporting software or the TasteOS reporting platform.

what gets measured gets managed


Sensors monitor food attributes and machine uptime.


AILA records food quality trends over time and generates production reports.
  • Doneness
  • Browning
  • Frosting


AILA delivers actionable data to boost efficiency and improve product quality.

Data at your fingertips

Insights at a Glance

View product and machine data from any line in your organization on one dashboard.

Superior Technology

AI is faster to deploy and senses product attributes that traditional vision systems can’t.

Fast and Secure

All data processing happens locally, no external cloud connection required.

Get A Customized Solution

Our suite of artificial intelligence software is ready to be adapted to your specific needs. We excel in integrating solutions into existing equipment rapidly and unobtrusively.

Our IoT platform makes any process transparent and tracks KPI metrics from week 1. Find out how AI can benefit your business.