Detailed insights for smarter decisions

BakeIT Cloud™, A cloud-based reporting delivers detailed insights from your entire fleet of IoT-enabled locations.

System Architecture

The vendor-independent Cloud Service from PreciBake®, the BakeIT Cloud™, networks your branches, ovens, and production sites so that you can view relevant production and baking data from anywhere, for better planning and monitoring.

The BakeIT Cloud™ is a modern Cloud Service for mapping the value chain as well as individual processes in production or shop baking ovens. It records technical baking data, such as operating protocols, charging amounts, and baking time, so that you can monitor, optimize, and record your processes. No matter where you are in the world, you are just a few clicks away from your production operations in any location.

Use the recorded baking data to improve your quality and traceability to avoid possible deviations in quality. In addition, you can link the BakeIT Cloud™ with other IT systems, so that you can profit from the collected data at multiple levels.

Benefits of the BakeIT Cloud™

Network your ovens and production lines with our state-of-the-art Cloud Service, and monitor the processes from anywhere in the world.

Increase quality control with statistics and predictions

Production control and Baking on Demand

Manage, review and process bakery data of hundreds of locations with a smartphone or laptop

HACCP support

Prevent unnecessary service calls and reduce managerial workloads

Customizable dashboards and alerts

Remote update and distribution of baking programs

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