Bake Exactly What You'll Sell

Track Inventory, Predict Demand

  • SmartKDS_1-01 Baking on Demand predicts real-time demand and keeps an eye on your baked inventory, so you bake the ideal amount of food.
  • SmartKDS-2-01 Similar deployments have seen sales boosts of 24% globally for AI-managed SKUs.

Bakery Production: Optimized


Vision sensors monitor baked goods inventory in real-time.​


AI predicts the demand for baked goods in 15 minute intervals.​


Baking on Demand requests baker to prepare more food at statistically optimal moments.​

Digital Baking Drives Business

Sales-Driven Solution​

Clients have seen average sales boost of 24% worldwide for AI-managed SKUs.​

Market’s Choice​

Over 500 million products tracked, with global industry-leading clients.

Product Agnostic

Any SKU discernible to the human eye can be automatically tracked and optimized.

Get A Customized Solution

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