Every industrial production site in the food world drives its efficiency and quality metrics by employing state of the art production planning systems. When PreciTaste entered the world of Food AI in 2006, we realized that the majority of food production in the retail world follows no planning at all. In most cases, decisions are made either by a single employee’s intuition or by a static paper-based production plan that is blindly followed. The results are:

  • Overproduction during slow hours
  • Stockouts resulting in decreased sales during busy hours
  • Food waste at the end of the day
  • Over-aged food sold through the entire day

Thus, the PreciTaste Smart Shelf concept was born. Retrofittable vision sensors are deployed over shelves of baked goods, snacks or other food items. These state-of-the-art sensors detect the inventory level and issue cooking commands based on actual demands. The AI agents learn how long it takes the crew to follow the commands, and self-optimizes the timing of production so that fresh food arrives when needed.

The results from our customers are:

  • Improvement in Freshness KPIs by up to 70%
  • Reduction of food waste by over 30%
  • Increase in sales of store-produced fresh goods by up to 25 %

Serve the freshest food possible. Prevent stockouts to keep sales moving at all times.

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