Granular Insights with a Global Perspective

TasteOS cloud-based reporting delivers detailed insights from your entire fleet of IoT-enabled locations.

System Architecture

Each AI Agent has specific skills that correspond to actions which manage different aspects of the production process(es) such as identifying or counting products, interpreting or guiding a baking process, or analyzing operations to instruct staff what to do. The AI Agent reports data via the TasteOS Reporting Platform which acts as the broader architecture for the local AI Agents.

Several similar AI Agents can report within the same TasteOS platform. For example, eight different restaurants could report to the same TasteOS dashboard. Not only that, TasteOS can also host dissimilar AI agents in the same TasteOS. A universal architecture, it can report related findings at different points in the supply chain via different AI Agents. As an example, AI Line Agent can manage bakery products on a production line, while Virtual Baker can monitor the baking process for these same products at a retail location.

Benefits of the TasteOS

Network your restaurant kitchen with our state-of-the-art Cloud Service, and monitor operation from anywhere in the world.

Increase quality control with statistics and predictions

Monitor and control production with the TasteOS dashboard

Manage, review and process data of hundreds of locations with a smartphone or laptop

HACCP support

Prevent unnecessary service calls and reduce managerial workloads

Customizable dashboards and alerts

Remote update and distribution of cooking programs

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