Schools and Colleges are in a bind this fall: do they resume in-person classes or stay with a remote arrangement? For administrators, the decision is a balancing act.

The pressure for these decisions comes from students, parents, and even faculty. Yale has announced that Freshmen, Juniors, and Seniors will be living on campus but will be taught remotely. This strategy has been called the “worst of all worlds,” with increased virus exposure while the students do “remote learning… at full tuition.” At other schools, over 50% of announced plans involve on-campus learning, but many with classes staggered or held remotely.

A technology like PreciTaste’s AI Welcome Center (AIWe), which has been featured on Yahoo! Finance and Marketwatch, can smooth the transition to in-person learning. Instant temperature checks with state-of-the-art laser sensing technology are captured and logged automatically. The device checks for face masks with vision AI. By placing devices at the entrance to congregation areas such as dining halls and academic buildings, the AI Welcome Center ensures that masks are worn to limit transmission. The entire process takes under 10 seconds, so the pace of a busy campus can stay up to speed with less risk.

Based on the Standard AIWe, designed for the demands of the foodservice and retail industries, AIWe Academic is tailored to the collegiate environment. Student badges or ID’s are scanned and seamlessly integrated for instantaneous sign-in at various locations on campus. Visitors receive printed labels identifying that they have been scanned. Data for contact tracing is logged to limit the impact of infected students and augment existing contact tracing efforts.

Regulations vary widely from one state to the next, and from one day to the next as laws develop throughout the country. AIWe Academic is built to address every situation across the United States, with software-based updates and adaptable features. States such as Florida require face masks when distancing is not possible. Conversely, states that have seen recent reductions in new cases, such as New York, are requiring travelers to quarantine for 14 days after arriving. With the included voice-activated questionnaire, universities can request customization to include their state’s regulations and recommendations. These software updates can be installed remotely during nighttime hours for regulations that may change after purchase of your devices.

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