Improve Your Bottom Line with Increased Labor Efficiency.

Our AI agents accurately predict demand and track inventory levels to guide crews on what and when to prep, plan, and cook throughout the day.

ROI of Our Restaurant Operations
Management Solutions

A combination of labor savings, sales boosts and reduced food waste all lead to a strong ROI for any operator who effectively implements our systems.

Sources Of ROI

AI-enabled restaurant operations management impacts the top and bottom line of your operations. Highly scalable, our solutions allow you to rapidly multiple that RIO as more systems are deployed.

1 Sales Increases

With prep and planning assistance, you can prepare food before it’s even ordered, leading to faster service and more sales during peak. Typical results are 3% of total sales.

3 Labor Cost Savings

AI-optimized task batching and consolidation typically leads to labor savings of 5-9%. More efficient kitchens can transition employees from the kitchen into customer-facing or other roles.

2 Food Cost Reductions

AI Order Accuracy saves food waste by eliminating refunds and redo’s. Prep, planning and station assistance cuts waste by guiding crews to only make what will be served.

4 Waste Avoidance

AI-managed restaurants are a vision for a sustainable future of foodservice. Eliminate food waste and CO2 emissions with AI efficiency.

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