Cook Your Customers' Food

Before It's Even Ordered

  • SmartKDS_1-01 SmartKDS predicts the orders of approaching customers and vehicles, so crew can prepare food before it’s even ordered.
  • AILA_2 Clients have seen improvements in service speed reaching 44 seconds on average, maintaining freshness and waste levels.

The Future of KDS is Here


Cameras see customers waiting in line and cars entering the drive thru


Cameras monitor inventory and track freshness


    SmartKDS requests food from the crew to meet forecasted demand

      AI HealthCheck

      Restaurant Safety

      Instantly check for elevated body temperatures in kitchen and lobby with PreciTaste’s AI HealthCheck add-on.

      AI Meets Thermal Imaging

      Tech finds employee’s or guest’s forehead and instantly checks for high temperature, so guests can dine with confidence and safety.

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