Smart Tracking & Reporting

PreciTaste has developed an always-accessible Smart Solutions Dashboard to ensure customers continue to improve operational efficiency through our restaurant operations management platform. Each dashboard includes up-to-date analytics to clearly inform operators of the primary variables affecting their kitchen tasks.

  • Monitors operations from anywhere, reducing workload and allowing you to continuously optimize kitchen management
  • Makes any process transparent, tracking KPIs from week one
  • Delivers granular KPI overviews to help manage multiple locations
How It Works
  • Compiles historical and real-time data
  • Compares detailed data over time
  • Compares data trends to other restaurants to create benchmarks as solution scales

The full PreciTaste platform is available on the Cloud. With KMS Pro, you can access your kitchen management system from any place at any time, making adoption seamless and your day-to-day crew management easier!

Metrics By Solution

Prep Assistant:

  • Daily Oversupply
  • Prep Timing
  • Prep Compliance
  • Inventory Taking Compliance

Planner Assistant:

  • Daily Production
  • Stockouts

Station Assistant:

  • Daily Overproduction
  • Daily Underproduction
  • Freshness
  • Availability

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