Bake It Golden Every Time

with Virtual Baker®

The World’s First AI-Powered Commercial Oven

  • Vertual-Baker AI Identifies items put into the oven, selects the correct baking program, and bakes them perfectly.
  • SmartKDS-2-01 Existing clients have seen sales boosts of 24% globally for AI-managed SKUs.

Digital Baking Drives Business

Sales-First Solution

Better product quality and process reliability boosted sales an average 20% at client locations.

Bottom Line Efficiency

Any employee can use Virtual Baker with no training, so you save daily on labor and training costs.

    Market’s Choice

    PreciTaste leads the market with deployments in global top-5 industry leading retail grocers.

      Customer Satisfaction

      Increases quality with every batch, while minimizing efforts

      Learns and Adapts

      Stores baking data, learns, and adapts for increased quality and efficiency

        Easy to Use

        Minimizes management effort, training costs, and user mistakes

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          Our suite of artificial intelligence software is ready to be adapted to your specific needs. We excel in integrating solutions into existing equipment rapidly and unobtrusively.

          Our IoT platform makes any process transparent and tracks KPI metrics from week 1. Find out how AI can benefit your business.