“Finally, my staff is producing the right quantities throughout the day. Availability and improved quality boosted sales 15% while management attention is less than half what it was.”

Manager, Fortune 500 PreciTaste client store

Autopilot Baking

Sensors see what’s in your oven and automatically bake it to perfection. Camera sensors mounted inside the oven use computer vision to identify the item and the AI autonomously selects the baking time and temperature corresponding to the item.

Adaptive baking or cooking ends automatically when products are done, for consistently excellent product quality. Your staff members only insert and remove the products, reducing complexity and freeing up the rest of their time to help customers. Identical technology is applicable to meat, produce, deli, dairy, and other fresh food departments.

Always-Stocked Shelves & Inventories

Virtual Fresh Manager prevents product stockout with autonomous stock management. Sensors visually count shelved stock and the AI compares shelved stock against expected demand. The AI signals staff to produce food just in time and restock items that are running low.

Computer vision detection of different roasted chicken products

Staff Interaction

Interactive touch screens give key information to staff. Staff can see alerts to insert or remove items from equipment and to restock shelves. Food prep and handling instructions are available with one tap. An overview dashboard gives analytics and real-time store insights to managers, viewable on any tablet or computer. Module works with other PreciTaste and 3rd party digital solutions.