Order Accuracy Guidance is one of the many customized enterprise products PreciTaste has implemented. If you are in the market for a more advanced Vision AI restaurant operations management solutions, let’s connect!

Vision AI Solutions

Demand Prediction
How It Works
    • Predictions start with a comprehensive analysis of similar sales days (i.e. Thursdays in May)
    • Predictions are updated seamlessly with holidays, local events, and the weather
    • The system counts the likely demand to update predictions dynamically
  • Save money on food costs with better demand forecasting, production planning and kitchen management
  • Be more prepared for peak periods, so crews can move quickly to serve all customers promptly
  • Bring better decisions at the management level through quantified and digitized data points
Order Accuracy Guidance
How It Works
    • Identifies products as they move through the kitchen through vision sensing
    • Alerts the crew to inaccuracies as they happen via UI screens
    • Tracks order assembly in real-time with no change to existing operations
  • Reduce inaccurate orders by 25%+, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting sales
  • Serve customers with an initial order issue up to 5x faster
  • Drive customer satisfaction through AI-optimized inaccuracy prevention
Freshness Monitoring
How It Works
    • Sensors monitor your food production and warm holding
    • Food items are tracked to determine which items have been held for too long
    • An intuitive screen flags overheld items so crew members don’t serve them
  • Improve the quality of all of your food to give your brand (and sales) a boost
  • Direct crew members’ attention to freshness, saving you money through reduced food waste
  • Improve food safety by preventing hot spots for bacterial growth
Drive-Thru Optimization
How It Works
    • Vision sensors watch the drive-thru, match vehicles with their orders, and track cars until service
    • The system recommends when to wave a vehicle into a parking spot for curbside delivery
    • Kitchen crews get advance notice of approaching vehicles or demand spikes
  • Build a reputation for fast service with AI-optimized kitchen management in your key sales channel
  • Bring major improvements to labor efficiency to reduce over-hiring
  • Keep your drive-thru line short, drawing in vehicles that would have otherwise peeled off

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