Boost Sales And Save Money

The world’s largest burger operations use PreciTaste to improve food waste, labor, and speed of service.


AI agents drive improvements to sales during peak, labor efficiency, and food waste. AI watches 24/7 along the processes of food production, order assembly, and service.

What to Cook When

Most QSRs waste food and labor to meet peaks in sales. PreciTaste AI solves this by predicting future sales and instructing crew simply: what to cook right now.

Order Accuracy

Over 10% of orders are inaccurate in the QSR industry. PreciTaste AI watches each order get assembled, and catches mistakes before they happen.

Freshness Tracking

The number one predictor of customer satisfaction is food freshness. AI agents watch holding to prevent overholding and boost product quality.

Quality Control for Burger Operations

Franchised operations face issues enforcing quality standards. AI agents all report to centralized management for improvements at both the restaurant and the corporate level.

TasteOS AI Drives Kitchen Operations

Modern kitchens are connected with the software throughout. TasteOS AI integrates with existing technology, driving labor efficiency and better sales throughout the back of the house. AI is globally connected. Manage each location better with actionable insights across your entire system of restaurants.

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