Serve It Right Every Time

AI accuracy checks ensure visually that every item is added to the bag.


AI agents drive improvements to order accuracy, sales during peak, labor efficiency, and food waste. Reduce food and labor costs and boost sales.

What to Cook When

AI agents guide crew what to cook and when for labor efficiency, optimal freshness and near 100% availability.

Portion Control

An AI-driven sensor ensurse each bucket contains the right amount of chicken so every customer is satisfied.

Order Accuracy

AI agents watch the assembly of each order and alert crew of errors before they serve the order.

Effortless Order Accuracy

Cut training and cognitive load for your team by letting the AI check for order accuracy. A simple and intuitive screen features guidance so you can always get it right.

AI Approved Accuracy

With eyes on your products 24/7, you can ensure complex orders have all of the key ingredients.

In a business that’s increasingly digital, through drive-thru and delivery, Accurate Orders drive customer satisfaction. Drive return visits without extra staff watching.

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