Boost Throughput With Intelligent Batching

Streamlined batching leads to a faster drive-thru and higher sales during peak hours.


Throughput at the drive-thru starts with batching and streamlining production. Bring a boost to your location with AI management.

Intelligent Batching

Save labor and boost throughput by batching items that will be sold in multiples. AI guides crew efficiency.


Autopilot Baking

Get perfect products with inexperienced workers. AI automatically identifies products you load into your oven, and sets the time and temperature for perfect results.

Drive-Thru Optimization

Improve throughput with processes from back of house production to the management of vehicles in the drive-thru.

AI-Driven Efficiency

Without adding new labor, intelligent batching allows you to serve more customers. AI ensures you get the most out of each production cycle, each minute hour, and each investment in labor.

Streamline Throughput for a Bigger Top Line

Given an average check of $8, serving 3 additional cars per hour in 6 peak hours brings in over $50k per year.

AI-optimized batching allows you to serve delicious coffee and food to more customers every day, without adding an overloaded labor force.

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