Save Money With Autopilot Baking

The world’s largest grocery stores achieve excellent product quality via AI baking, even with inexperienced workers.


AI agents drive improvements to sales during peak, labor efficiency, and food waste. AI watches 24/7 along the processes of food production, order assembly, and service.

What to Cook When

Most bakeries waste food and labor to ensure product availability. PreciTaste AI improves freshness with AI-optimized production planning.

Autopilot Baking

Get perfect products with inexperienced workers. AI automatically identifies products you load into your oven, and sets the time and temperature for perfect results.

Freshness Tracking

Food freshness drives customer satisfaction. Our AI agents monitors holding to prevent over holding to ensure freshness and boost product quality.

Quality Control for Bakeries

Your flagship store sets the standard for quality, but do other stores follow? Measure and manage fleet-wide KPIs with AI-generated dashboards, to improve at both the store and the corporate level.

Labor Efficient Quality

With labor in high demand, untrained staff can produce perfect baked goods on their first day with Virtual Baker. Spend less time training and more time producing fresh and delicious bread, pastries, and cakes.

Improved quality means higher sales. Existing customers have reported boosts of up to 24% on average for AI-managed products.

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