Deliver It Right Every Time

AI accuracy checks ensure visually that every item is added to the right order.


AI agents drive improvements to order accuracy and labor efficiency, for a modern future-proofed back of house operation.

Order Accuracy

AI agents watch the assembly of each order and alert crew of errors before they serve the order.


AI Cashier

As items are added to the pizza, an AI agent rings up all of the ingredients.

Portion Control

Ensure your staff are not under- or over-serving customers with key ingredients.

AI-Guaranteed Precision

AI-driven 3D sensors have eyes on your production 24 hours per day, eliminating returns and complaints. Your new AI assistant guides crew to assemble pizzas and orders with the right ingredients for customers.

AI Approved Accuracy

You don’t get a second chance to serve delivery orders correctly. With eyes on your products 24/7, you can ensure complex orders have all of the key ingredients.

Accurate Orders drive customer satisfaction. Drive return visits and build a reputation for accuracy.

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