Prep Fresh Food Save Labor Time

AI Agents monitor your food pans and informs your crew when to prep what for faster service and labor efficiency.


AI agents drive improvements to sales during peak, labor efficiency, and food waste. Reduce food and labor costs and boost sales.

What to Prep When

AI-managed preparation means 100% ingredient availability and max freshness.


AI Cashier

As items are added to the sandwich, an AI agent rings up all of the ingredients.

Portion Control

Ensure your staff are not under- or over-serving customers with key ingredients.

AI-Guaranteed Precision

AI-driven 3D sensors have eyes on your inventory 24 hours per day, instructing crew what to cook. AI agent decisions are precise in the moment, including digital demand forecasts, local events, weather, and current inventory.

Labor Efficient Production

The world’s leading AI assistant for production planning at QSR chains helps you get the most out of your labor.

AI optimization means saved food cost, labor efficiency, and fresher food. Scale your sandwich operation quickly and sustainably with AI management.

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