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In the essence of every flavorful bite, there’s a recipe for success. Join the revolution with PreciTaste, where innovation meets tradition to transform your Asian cuisine operations.
How Urbanbelly uses Prep Assistant
A Solution That Delivers Freshness Every Time
“In the first few days, the Prep Assistant was saving at least an hour a day. I could see the efficiency happening in real-time on the hub.”
– Chef Bill Kim
AI-Driven Solutions for Culinary Excellence
Welcome to the future of Asian cuisine operations. PreciTaste AI redefines the game with solutions tailored for your success.
PreciHub on Duty for an Asian Restaurant Kitchen
Boost Sales During Peaks
Predict and prepare for peak hours, ensuring optimal sales without unnecessary waste or delays.
Enhance Labor Efficiency
AI agents streamline your workforce, making every minute count and minimizing labor costs.
Reduce Food Waste
Efficient processes from production to service, cutting down on waste and maximizing profits.
Case Study: 
Prep Assistant for Asian Fusion Restaurants
Two mid-size customers – one focused on Asian Fusion and the other on scratch-cooked American Fare – both came to PreciTaste with the same mission: to run their business more effectively through technology. With the Prep Assistant, both saw positive results in the first week, and noted that the automation not only empowered staff to optimize resources, it allowed managers to focus more on cooking great food and training chefs, and less on how much to prep.
Prep Assistant
Reliance on manual estimations and clipboards
Overproduction resulting in food waste and reduced productivity
Task management inefficiencies due to lack of clarity
Implementation of prep assistant for bulk ingredient prep optimization
Efficient and standardized system creation
Reduced overproduction and stockouts, ensuring freshness and customer satisfaction
Key Metrics
1+ Hour
Saved each day per manager and crew member
Food waste reduction due to less overproduction
Decrease in food costs due to accurate demand predictions
Kitchen Management Software for Any Food Category
Your restaurant, your way. We’re here to empower every restaurant kitchen!

PreciTaste’s 24/7 digital manager ensures instant labor efficiency and streamlines workloads by expediting everyday decisions through software automation.​