AI solutions for a greener future

AI will play a responsible role in helping reduce carbon emissions

We are committed to the idea that AI will play a major role in a green future

Total CO2 Saved

Our mission to

reduce the world’s food waste

Since its inception as the AI Food Spin-off of one of the world’s foremost leaders in process control for the automotive and semiconductor industry, we were on a mission to leave the planet better and greener, than we inherited it. It is at the core of our mission to reduce the world’s food waste and offer an alternative and smarter way to produce food in the industrial, commercial and domestic space.

Through PreciTaste’s unique combination of always, perfect baking and cooking outcome enabled by vision AI managed food stations in retail and restaurants and the ability to predict and plan demand with superhuman precision, our customers have experienced significant reductions in food waste from overproduction and quality defects. Even before reaching the Point of Sale, millions of food items each day have been processed by PreciTaste Line Agents improved industrial production lines, reducing waste by closing the control loop and changing machine parameters faster and more efficiently, than human operators could.

We firmly believe that AI technology can be used to the benefit of humanity by tackling core and essential problems like the nourishment of our ever-growing population. PreciTaste is a strong partner to establish a zero-waste policy, especially for food waste.

If every burger‘s climate endangering emissions are equivalent to driving a car for 200 miles – then us going the extra mile to save food from being wasted is definitely worth it.

Ingo Stork-Wersborg,

Founder of PreciTaste​

Taking action

Actively taking part to address the global climate change challenge

Our Commitment

  • Work with our customers to reduce food waste, apply strict guidelines and therefore, reduce carbon footprint
  • Identify the environmental impacts and define strategies to develop more reliable and efficient AI solutions to reduce carbon emissions
  • Provide knowledge, resources, tools and raise awareness across employees, supply partners to find the best solutions for achieving our goal of becoming carbon neutral
  • Implement necessary standards in our operational practices to actively reduce the impact on the environment

Our contribution

How our Munich office is contributing to reducing our overall carbon emissions

  • Around 10% of plastic waste ends up in our oceans with terrible effects on the eco-systems. In order to avoid this, we have switched to providing our employees with filtered and carbonated tap water rather than bottled water and have implemented waste separation in our kitchen area
  • By the end of Q1 of 2021 we will switch to 100% green consumables in our office and implement energy saving measures
  • We have been committed to a paperless office for a long time but in the cases we do have to use paper we plan on using recycled paper and carbon neutral posting
  • In the long term, we plan on switching our company car fleet to electric cars and implementing CO2 compensations for flights
  • Our goal is to eventually become carbon neutral and to work with our customers and partners in order to improve their carbon footprint as well

Our AI difference


Our key experience in the baking and food industry has given us the exposure towards understanding food and industry in detail. Since our inception, reducing food waste has always been one of our prime missions.


We built technology by applying in-depth research and analysis. Our most advanced form of predictive technology helps the QSRs and baking industry to manage food demand and witness a significant reduction in food wastage, carbon emissions along with cost savings.


We work with the partners who are environmentally and socially responsible. Together, we actively participate in reducing the impact on the environment with the execution of initiatives such as waste management, carbon footprint reduction, and also encourage other environmental initiatives in the community.