A Demand-Based Restaurant Solution For Optimized Ingredient Preparation

How It Works
  • Automates internal kitchen prep processes previously done with manual input
  • Guides crews to on what to prep when by calculating amounts based on demand
  • Optimizes kitchen prep to create labor efficiencies, fresher food and less food waste
  • Longest hold-time products are prepared first to enhance freshness
  • Reduced stock outs and over-production
  • Easily configurable, causing minimal operational impact


The results from our current implementations prove that our Prep Assistant creates labor efficiencies and fresher food serve. This results in increased customer satisfaction and sales growth.

Outlier Days

Eliminated 82% of outlier days
(days when crews must prep the day prior to meet demand).

Overnight Holding

Reduced 35% Of Overnight Holding
of fresh-prepped ingredients.

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