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Fast Food QSR: AI Restaurant Brain

The AI Restaurant Brain is the first complete solution to autonomously manage your kitchen with predictive cooking. Food instructions are sent to the kitchen based on the amount of customers entering the store and drive-thru, allowing staff to prepare food before the customer reaches the counter. 

The instructions are presented on an easy-to-follow “bump-off” screens. Every patty, fry, and order modification is accounted for. As a result, our customers have observed significantly reduced training periods for new crew members.

The end result is an efficient restaurant staff that serves customers faster and cuts food waste by preparing the exact right amount of food.

Retail Grocery: Virtual Fresh Manager

Fresh deli items and baked goods are a key driver for customer frequency–the average shopper visits the in-store bakery once a week. The Virtual Fresh Manager is designed to maintain adequate inventory and product freshness for all freshly prepared retail items.

Bump-off screens relay food preparation instructions to the staff based on live inventory levels, minimizing stock-outs and ensuring fresh goods around the clock.

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Industrial Production: AI Line Agent

Industrial food producers are experiencing more pressure than ever to automate and innovate, but face high barriers to change. The AI Line Agent shatters these barriers with a hardware and software package that can be retrofitted to any segment of a food production line rapidly and cost-effectively.

Computer vision can see anything discernible to the human eye. Unlike traditional vision systems, AI can track product quality on a continuous range and detect when a process is trending out of control. This level of insight allows operators to proactively take corrective action and minimize costly downtime.

Residential: The Smart Kitchen Agent

PreciTaste industrial and commercial food service experience now extends to the home kitchen. The Smart Kitchen is a home cooking assistant that guides you through every step of its built-in recipes.

The Smart Kitchen can be embedded in almost any kitchen appliance. Reach out to our team if you are interested in bringing AI-powered IoT technology to your line of domestic kitchen equipment.

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Our suite of artificial intelligence software is ready to be adapted to your specific needs. We excel in integrating solutions into existing equipment rapidly and non-intrusively. Our IoT platform makes any process transparent and tracks KPI metrics. Find out how AI can drive your productivity.

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