A Flexible Suite Of Smart Solutions

PreciHub is the central platform that houses and delivers the PreciTaste restaurant operations management solutions, allowing restaurants to easily add enhanced functionality.

1. Start with the Prep Assistant and/or the Planner Assistant

2. Add AI Forecasting and AI Vision Forecasting

3. Evolve into a complete Vision AI system

The Kitchen Management Solution Every Restaurant Needs for Operational Optimization

With the growing pressures of labor and food costs combined with the weakening demand, PreciTaste’s ready-to-deploy restaurant solutions ensure instant labor efficiency and streamline workloads by expediting everyday decisions through software automation.​

  • For operations who need to optimize their bulk kitchen prep
  • Guides crew to have the right amounts prepped to meet projected demand

RESULT: Reduces up to 35% of overnight holding

  • For teams who need to create a more efficient order fulfillment schedule through automated inventory management
  • Provides clear instructions for specific food production based on hourly needs

RESULT: Eliminates up to 86% of food waste at the point of sale

  • For enterprise customers who want to further optimize kitchen management through Vision AI
  • Guides crews on what to cook when based on demand predictions and inventory sensing

RESULT: Consolidates up to 40% of kitchen tasks

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Intel Innovation 2022 - PreciTaste & Chipotle

“In the first few days, the Prep Assistant was saving at least an hour a day. I could see the efficiency happening in real-time right on the hub.”

- Sous Chef, Locally Farm-Sourced Restaurant Chain

“With PreciTaste, the hectic nature of the kitchen turned quiet. The assistance reduced the stress and helped the crew work better together.”

- General Manager, International Burger Chain

“The crew received accurate station assistance, guiding them when to grill and not to grill, which really increased quality and reduced waste.”

- Grill Manager, International Fresh Food Chain

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Tracking Operational Efficiency

Our suite of restaurant operations management software is ready to be adapted to your specific needs. We excel in integrating solutions into existing equipment rapidly and unobtrusively.

Our proprietary offline-first AIOS operating system allows you to monitor operations from anywhere, reducing workload and allowing you to continuously optimize efficiency with ongoing statistics and predictions.

Our TasteOS Cloud-based reporting platform makes any process transparent, tracks KPI metrics from week one and delivers granular KPI overviews to help you manage multiple locations.

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Proud partner of Franke Foodservice Systems, Inc., leader in implementing kitchen and equipment improvement campaigns for major food chains.

Proud affiliate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. Intel and the 400+ global member companies of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance provide scalable, interoperable solutions that accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics.

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