A Flexible Suite Of Smart Kitchen Solutions

    • You start with the Prep Assistant and/or the Planner Assistant based on your restaurant operations management needs

    • As PreciHub collects data, you can add AI Forecasting and AI Vision Forecasting for more accurate predictions through deep learning and vision sensing

    • With this, your hub can evolve into a complete Vision AI cooking system – the Station Assistant

Our Smart Solutions

Prep Assistant

  • For operations who need to optimize their bulk kitchen prep

  • Guides crew to have the right amounts prepped to meet projected demand

RESULT: Reduces up to 35% of overnight holding

Planner Assistant

  • For teams who need to create a more efficient order fulfillment schedule through automated inventory management 

  • Provides clear instructions for specific food production based on hourly needs

RESULT: Eliminates up to 86% of food waste at the point of sale

Station Assistant

    • For enterprise customers who want to further optimize kitchen management through Vision AI
    • Guides crews on what to cook when based on demand predictions and inventory sensing  

RESULT: Consolidates up to 40% of kitchen tasks

How It Works
  • As each operator evolves their restaurant solutions, PreciHub is the central platform to house and execute all of their solutions.

  • While solutions can be implemented individually, with PreciHub, operators can continue to enhance their operational efficiency with additional add-ons

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