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restaurant brain

The PreciTaste Restaurant Brain is the first complete solution that predicts and manages restaurant supply and demand using the power of artificial intelligence. The system sees customers as they enter the restaurant or drive-thru and learns what and how much they are likely to order based on demographics and time of day.

Food preparation begins even before the customer’s order is complete. Overproduction and waste are minimized, and your items are served faster and fresher.

Crew operation is optimized. Labor efficiency is increased. The Crew Interaction Management system lowers the learning curve in the kitchen and reduces the amount of time spent training new hires.

Commercial Solutions

Nothing drives return retail customers like fresh baked goods and delicious, ready-to-eat snack items and meals. This trend is turning the modern retail store into a full restaurant with all the problems this entails: permanent food quality management, increased crew training requirements, and advanced demand planning.

PreciTaste Commercial Food Station Solutions offer a range of demand planning solutions for kitchen equipment at the point of sale that operate without any buttons or human error. The advanced demand planning sees the inventory and perfects the demand prediction for each location.

Our retail customers have seen their error rates in the preparation of baked goods and snacks drop from over 50% to almost 0% through the use of self-improving smart sensing solutions managing their food preparation.

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industrial solutions

Industrial food production has been suffering from the same problems as the commercial food industry for a long time. High staff turnover makes it difficult to keep expertise in house and innovation typically comes at the expense of entirely new plants or line equipment, disrupting the process of the established production lines.

PreciTaste Industrial machine learning solutions can be retrofitted to any food production line. Our specialized AI agents can spot miniscule changes in product color, shape or quantity to detect defects or process imperfections.

Our sensors automatically detect the target production parameters and optimize them through the power of artificial intelligence, either by interfacing directly with the equipment or by sending detailed instructions to the line operators.

Whatever a human eye can see, the AI vision system can see as well and act within milliseconds.

Domestic solutions

PreciTaste industrial and commercial food service experience extends to the domestic food space. We are the driving force behind the smart oven that never burns a pizza and will unshackle the private cook from being tied to the kitchen.

Sensors above the stove control the heat so that no pot overcooks. Sensors in the oven make the perfect pizza or croissant every time without pressing a single button.

The future of cooking is easier, faster and more delicious thanks to the AI vision technology developed by PreciTaste.

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Use cases

customised solutions

Our suite of artificial intelligence software is ready to be adapted to your specific needs. We excel in integrating solutions into existing equipment rapidly and non-intrusively. Our IoT platform makes any process transparent and tracks KPI metrics. Find out how AI can drive your productivity.

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